In describing beautiful places and unique experiences, a common phrase among Turkish people is this: “It cannot be told. It can only be lived.”

This is the essence of Turkey, in all its mystery and the riches exclusive to you. Immerse yourself in a culture and land so extravagant, it is its own work of art.

Turkey is truly an elixir. Elusive and mystical; once you have a sip of this country, you will crave more. With your firststep onto its land, at the shores of the sea or the foot of a palace, you will wish to share in the eternal essence of Turkey’s beauty. The richness of its history and sincerity of its people have a way of making you radiate with joy for the beauty of your own existence. Like fine wine, Turkey has merely grown richer with age, and there are everlasting layers and flavors to be uncovered in every moment of your first journey, and in every return you will seek thereafter.

No other country on earth holds a magic quite like this. Turkey has an unmatched history, and a soil walked upon by members of an ancient civilization who prospered and ruled there. Traces of some of the earliest cities in the world can be found here, from empires that piloted the planet, to the fabled dominions of ancient helenistic gods.


The affinity of both ancient and present, traditional and modern, is merely a reflection of Turkey’s geographic harmony.

It is a place where literally and emblematically east has verged with west. There is something to be offered to everyone who visits, for Turkish hospitality is as refined as the relics and riches garnered throughout its history.

consider the word, turquoise

Consider the word, Turquoise. Did you know it derives from Turkey? There is something to be said about a land so radiant it epitomizes and inspires color. The landscape in itself, as diverse as the flavors and people that grace it, is as otherworldly as a rare painting. Whether you are indulging your world-class palate for wine and delicacies on a private yacht, building sandcastles at the clearest beach, or expanding your mind with history and culture; you will be treated warmly by the people, and dotingly by the land.