the company

We are a large scale, visionary company with a specialty for crafting elaborate excursions that are intimate, elegant, and unmatched. Through our background in DMC and MICE business, we have magnified our already high-capacity network, and have no plans of stopping.


At Meridian we have a rare ability to craft well-rounded itineraries for our elite travelers, according to their unique preferences.

We have earned the trust of hosts around the world, and with of our expansive reach we have the facility to offer travelers with amenities far beyond the grasp of smaller scale companies. The dedicated individuals on our team strive to provide our refined customers with the warmest hospitality that leaves them eager to journey with us time and again.

our team

We wouldn’t bring anyone on board with Meridian unless confident they will move mountains to craft the perfect experience for our customers. Our team is comprised of fellow wayfarers who are well versed in the art of travel, and able to intuit what each customer needs in order to actualize the trip they imagined. Team members are matched with customers to nourish a personalized experience with Meridian from start to finish.


We are ambitious, and we encourage healthy yet encouraging competition amongst team members so that only the most distinguished ideas prevail.

At the end of the day, we are a positive, solid team that uplifts each other so that together we can craft journeys capable of transforming the way travelers sense the world.